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My name is James Watson. I’m a card collector and aspiring card deck designer, with a deck currently in the works. I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA, USA and currently live in the suburbs of Philly. I’ve created this website for multiple reasons, mainly to share my love of playing cards. I’m also a beginning card flourisher and magician. I will review playing card decks, offer interviews of custom creators/designers/artists and will eventually sell my creations, and hope to sell great looking decks created by others. It’s a new site, and I’m just getting started, but I’m passionate and ambitious.

I’ve created a chronological Kickstarter Deck archive here. The archive only lists KS decks that have at least 52 cards and can be used to play a traditional game of cards. I have also started posting interviews of deck designers and artists and will continue to update as more come in.

Thanks for visiting.