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4PM DESIGNS – LEGACY, Bicycle® Playing Cards

4PM Designs, thank you for your time and wishing you the best with your project! (Project link at end of interview)

Here are the 10:

1. What got you interested in designing a deck of playing cards?
I’ve always like playing around with designs but never had a medium to express them. I stumbled upon kickstarter as well as playing cards. I saw them and immediately thought, hey I could design a deck, that’ll be cool. I never thought it would achieve the success it did and now become an actual job for me. It’s definitely changed my life and I’m extremely grateful for it.

2. What was your inspiration for this deck?
Since we started designing cards, we’ve always wanted to do a traditional deck that has a modern spin on it. My favorite of all decks are still bicycle rider backs, bee diamond backs and tally-ho circle backs. To bring a new series of decks inspired by one of them quickly became something we wanted to do. We just had to wait until we began to establish ourselves and hope there’s an audience out there that would like them as much as we do.

3. Why Kickstarter?
Kickstarter still offers two extremely vital things an upcoming designer will struggle on, free marketing, and instant access to feedback through your possible customers. Not all great ideas get made, while sometimes something great in your mind may not be great to others. Kickstarter allows both ends of the spectrum to test those theories out without any costly sacrifice. If it’s a wanted product it’ll get funded, if it’s not, then it won’t and no one will lose out.

4. Do you have any other interesting hobbies or maybe a fun story about an experience involving your deck?
Professionally, I’m a filmmaker. So whenever I’m not working on projects I’m usually working on deck design.

5. What is one thing you wouldn’t do without?
Tape, lots and lots of tape. Packaging these decks for thousands of customers in no joke if you don’t have sufficient tape.

6. What’s the best tidbit of advice you’ve ever been given?
Never underestimate shipping costs. It can easily destroy any campaign.

7. What advice would you give to other aspiring deck creators/artists?
Take criticism with a grain of salt. Not everybody understands the process of designing to delivery so never let negativity influence your vision.

8. Do you have an online presence where we can view your work?
Just our website, www.4pmdesigns.webs.com

9. Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Thanks for your time!

10. And finally, I would like to give you this opportunity to share three to five images and tell us a little about each.
Please check out all the images shown on our kickstarter project page.

Project Link:

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