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Ben Kolozsi – Choice Playing Cards

Best wishes on your project Ben! Thanks for your time.  (Project video & link at end of interview)

1. What got you interested in designing a deck of playing cards?
I was always big into magic since I was a little kid. My dad would always do coin tricks for my sister and me. I in turn did them for good old show and tell, but I never told. Eventually I left it all behind and fell head in love with art and illustration. Ended up double majoring with art degrees and one day I was hopping through internet links and discovered a deck by Dan and Dave, Fulton clip joints. From there I discovered Ellusionist, the Blue Crown, Encarded…many companies all with the same beauty. Suddenly I had found a way back to my past.

2. What was your inspiration for this deck?
I love the history behind cards and it’s many deep roots. Through all my research I grew a respect for the hand drawn cards at the beginning. One of kind and made for a king. This is what made me decide to hand draw and ink the cards. I want to give you all an opportunity to know what it must have felt like back then to get such a gift.

3. Why Kickstarter?
I have always worked service industry jobs, through college and beyond. After looking for a “real job” and pulling a internship that didn’t pay and went nowhere, I took a step back and decided to figure out how I could become part of the art and magic world but without any corporate strings. With that solo is my best option and I found Kickstarter to be the best opportunity.

4. Do you have any other interesting hobbies or maybe a fun story about an experience involving your deck?
I always love talking with people. Sometimes it gets me in trouble but it almost always leaves me with a great story. I did just that after having Ryan Edwards make me a few prototype card clips. This eventually led me to talking with both Ryan and Jamie D. Grant and I ended up including them in the artwork. The Jack of diamonds for Ryan and the Jack of hearts for Jamie. Both an honor and thrill to have them in board with bottle and clips in hand for this project.

5. What is one thing you wouldn’t do without?
Happiness is the biggest thing. Finding it’s the tricky part. I love drawing something beautiful for someone but at the same time it’s a thrill to watch a persons face after a trick and get “how did you do that?” Sharing what I love is my way to it.

6. What’s the best tidbit of advice you’ve ever been given?
To pay attention. Art, magic, education, everything in life has many layers and the harder you look the better you’ll understand.

7. What advice would you give to other aspiring deck creators/artists?
Same with anything you want to do, practice, practice, practice!

8. Do you have an online presence where we can view your work?
Kickstarter would be the best place to view my current work. Http://kck.st/KaaJEF

9. Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Last thing I would like to say is we are just under half way and the clock is ticking. If you haven’t grabbed any decks yet now is the time!

I would also like to say I am thrilled and honored to have this many people behind me already. I want to thank all my friends and family for  there help and support.

10. And finally, I would like to give you this opportunity to share three to five images and tell us a little about each.
prototype of the box design
This is a prototype of the box design I created and had some fun photographing too.

box floating on a card
Here is another of the box floating on a card, giving you a glimpse at the back design.

trumps not jokers
This deck has trumps not jokers and here they are along with a handcrafted Ryan Edwards Card Clip.

Jamie of hearts in a bottle
The Jamie of hearts in a bottle with his heart in his bottles. We have 10 “Anything is Possible” bottle by Jamie available!

The Spade family. Simple yet beautiful.

Project Video / Link:

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