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The Blood Splattered Zombie Exanimus 1963 Playing Cards by Third Moon Publishing

Nic, thank you for your time and wishing you the best with your project! (Project link at end of interview)

Here are the 10:

1. What got you interested in designing a deck of playing cards?
Putting it simply we are a creative group of illustrators and artworkers, creating a playing card deck was a way that we could all come together on something that required all of our skills, it was the way that we as a team could make the most of ourselves in a medium with so much creative potential.

2. What was your inspiration for this deck?
We knew we wanted something quite different – even a bit audacious, the average playing deck just wasn’t going to cut it this time. To create something with no boundaries in terms of a client brief gave us the ability to push our creativity a bit more “out there”. We met an upcoming illustrator who just seemed to have the style we wanted.

3. Why Kickstarter?
The kickstarter community is a fantastic place for creativity, the users are very supportive and the exchange of ideas can be found nowhere else, it is a creative person’s dream come true.

4. Do you have any other interesting hobbies or maybe a fun story about an experience involving your deck?
When creating this deck a lot of 60′s reggae music was being played, there were a few debates over using an A or being purposely different and using a 1 for the ace, Exanimus is latin for lifeless, overall its been a great atmosphere and everything just seemed to go well from day one.

5. What is one thing you wouldn’t do without?
I think the support you get from friends and family to do something different, clearly this deck is not everyone’s cup of tea but the encouragement to do something out of the ordinary is excellent.

6. What’s the best tidbit of advice you’ve ever been given?
Be proactive.

7. What advice would you give to other aspiring deck creators/artists?
Make a start. I was very fortunate as I have a professional background as a designer, I have worked for all sorts of different design sectors with different types of clients in many other countries but I understand that approaching anything for the first time can be daunting so my advice would be; Have an idea of what you want to do but don’t overly plan too much as this will restrict you creativity, try and be precise in your designs and work from a template, never underestimate colour profiles and those crop/bleed lines, and overall if designing this deck is your dream have a look at your completed deck and ask yourself if this meets your expectations, would you buy this deck and would you be proud to show off your creation to the world. Get a good designer on board if in doubt.

8. Do you have an online presence where we can view your work?
Too be honest we are a new team and we are still building up our projects but you can always check back with us in the coming months through our website (thirdmoonpublishing.co.uk) and our facebook page (facebook.com/thirdmoonpublishing)

9. Is there anything else you’d like to say?
We are already drawing up plans for our next card deck(s) as well as a card game with dice and custom coins so add us on facebook as we will be announcing these projects in the coming months.

10. And finally, I would like to give you this opportunity to share three to five images and tell us a little about each.

(1)    The Ace of Hearts, This was our first design using the photo manipulation and grunge effect, it would serve as a loose reference to all the other 53 cards that where still to be designed, we tried very hard to avoid this becoming an “emo symbol”

(2)    The Three of Diamonds, This is my personal favourite card of the minor suits, it is fairly simple but appropriately shows the macabre side to the deck, it will be used on our tuck box.

(3)    The King of Hearts, affectionately nicknamed “Corpse Washington”, the very image of General Washington can be recognised in most parts of the world making him an excellent candidate for the King card.

Project Video / Link:

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