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I had to split up the decks by years as I noticed that Kickstarter did not like the large amount of links I have here and wouldn’t load them all at once. Even after splitting by year, the 2013 page was too large and often wouldn’t load completely. That’s why 2013 is split yet again. These are both canceled, suspended and non-funded decks. Last updated 6/6/14.

2014 – 55 Domestic, 13 International

2013 – 103 Domestic, 20 International

       – December through August

       – July through January

2012 – 26 Domestic, 2 International

2011 – 4 Domestic

I may yet break this down by canceled, suspended and unsuccessfully funded instead of lumping them all together by year. I’m not sure which I find more valuable. In the end, they didn’t fund, so I can’t yet decide if it matters to me why. :-)